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Hi! My name is Alexandra

& I'm a loveaholic!

Here is the 411 on 143 & Me!

Janos Arany once said, “In dreams, and in love, there are no impossibilities.” 

Starting Love Above All had been a lifelong dream of mine, and in pursuing my dreams I now have the opportunity to bring your dreams to life. Who is luckier than me to be a CEO of Love right?!? 

At Love Above All, we aim to provide you with the perfect dose of love and magic. Our sole intention is to bring your love story to life! So, after you get the ring, details are my thing. I truly believe that all things are possible with love, and I will ensure that the love is felt at each of my events.  The memories and moments we will create together are endless, and I will be there for you every step of the way; this I vow to you! Let’s take this journey together. The best is yet to come.  XO

My Vows to You

  1. I vow to be on your team, for better or worse, in good times and in bad

  2. I vow to always be honest with you, even if it means having to tell you “no”, or telling you your DIY centerpieces won't work out the way you might have thought

  3. I vow to be your voice of reason, with a listening ear and a kind voice

  4. I vow to be your love guide on one of your greatest adventures yet

  5. Most importantly, I vow to always put Love Above All!

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